E57: James Wildman

December 19, 2018
E57: James Wildman
E57: James Wildman
Dec 19, 2018
Live Vegan / James Wildman
James' full time job is to present an all inclusive, direct, funny, relevant, and engaging vegan message to kids and adults throughout South Florida.
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Original version: 101 Reasons to Go Vegan

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James Wildman is the Humane Educator for the Animal Rights Foundation (ARF) of Florida. James has given over a thousand presentations on veganism to hundreds of thousands of students at more than one hundred different schools and Universities in South Florida.  His videos have reached even more people, with his most popular 101 Reasons to Go Vegan being translated into 18 languages, totaling over 4 MILLION views on YouTube. James holds a Master's degree in Humane Education. 

Animal Rights Foundation ARF
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