E58: James Hyams & AJ Garcia

December 25, 2018 Live Vegan / James Hyams / AJ Garcia
E58: James Hyams & AJ Garcia
Show Notes

Ben and Kevin end 2018 with a discussion on dogmeat and aliens.
James Hyams is an investigative journalist, film Director, and founder of Watchdog Film Festival. He is the Director of the Documentary Korean Dog Meat Expose.
AJ Garcia is the ex- President of CARE, Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth, the largest animal protection group in South Korea and is now the Director of ARM Sanctuary.

The largest slaughterhouse in Korea shut down

The 55 minute documentary Korean Dog Meat Expose directed by James Hyams

James Hyams' Alien movie here

AJ's Podcast, The Woke Stutters Podcast

Book on dogmeat, written by James Hyams

No Wrap up - just a thank you for an incredible year!

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